NORMAL H-Game 362: Feminization Panic! The Body of A Woman is Very Nice

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That was after school today.
As I was walking down the corridor to go home, I saw Hiroki Suwon, a longing person, Sakurako Shinkoji.
She continued to move forward with her graceful gait, and eventually disappeared.
Even if I try to talk to him, I don’t have the courage at that time.

“OK … !!”

Was it the time when I clenched my fist with my determination in my chest and pushed my legs forward?

“Cha …”

When I tried to turn the corner by sticking to the wall, there was a face of senior Shinkoji.
…… I can’t remember how I finally said goodbye to my seniors.

From that point on, my head has been absent-minded.
I felt moyamoya in my chest, and my head and body were hot and fluffy.

Is it a cold … tired?
I was thrilled anyway.
I fell into my room, took off my uniform, changed into my loungewear, and went to bed.
…… It should be–.

――When I woke up, I was in the body of a woman … Shinkoji-senpai!
This is a situation, even though I think it’s a dream …
Anyway, I shook my chest, shook my hands, and crawled my fingers to the limbs of my senior.

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