Free Reward (10-2020)

2 H-Games (NTR Hotel + Slut School)
2 H-Animations
2 H-Doujinshi

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NTR Hotel

Alaye, who inherited the hotel from his family,
has been working alone and feeling bored.
Then, there are two couples who want to stay in the hotel
where there are basically no guests.
And those two men are so bastards…
However, their wives behaved kindly and kindly to Alaye,
and besides, they both are so beautiful!
Alaye thought so from the heart.
It’s really unfair that such a guy has such a beautiful wife!
Snatch! Stealing their wives!!!

…So, in these three days, Alaye’s plan begins.​

Slut School v1.0

In Slut School, you play as young man (With a name of your choice) who moved to a new city, enrolling in a new school. Try to turn a regular school into a Slut school​.


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