H-Game 2546: Elfie’s Adventure


Original Title: 拳姫エルフィ | Ken Hime Elfie | Elfie the Fist Princess | Fist Princess Elfi

The beautiful princess Elfie is known as the β€œFist Princess.”

In the midst of a fierce battle between her homeland and the Demon King’s army, she receives a letter of challenge from the Demon King,

and in order to put an end to the prolonged war, she accepts and marches alone into the Demon King’s castle.

However, this was a cunning trap set by the Demon King!

Elfi, who has been weakened by magic, is forced to fight alone in a castle filled with lewd monsters and traps!

Her beautiful body is defiled by monsters that she would normally be able to ward off, and she is violated by traps, and she must risk her life to carve out a path…!

β€œUgh, I won’t forgive you… Demon King!”

Even though her body and mind are torn apart by the subordinates of the incredibly powerful Demon King, she bravely advances through the castle using her martial arts skills for the sake of her beloved people!

However, behind the scenes, a terrible plot is underway to target her…!

The beautiful and strong Fist Princess writhes in ecstasy in the Demon King’s hell of shame!

Erotic battle side-scrolling action!

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