Hello my dear Supporters,

Patreon has decided to close my Patreon page.

From now on, please use SubscribeStar to support the site and get download links:


*** For people who just recently subscribe to my Patreon page (a.k.a monthly patron): your subscription is still in effect until the end of this month. Just remember to cancel your membership on my old Patreon page to avoid the next billing schedule.

*** For old annual members on Patreon:

1/ Wait until 01 October.

2/ On SubscribeStar, choose the cheapest tier and buy it.

3/ Send me an email ([email protected]) with your SubscribeStar account and email that you use on Patreon to let me know that is you.

4/ I will upgrade your Tier to the Tier you have bought on Patreon and set your subscription to 1 year on SubscribeStar.

This is a great loss and it surely will affect the income of the website for the next months.

I am really grateful for your support. See you on SubscribeStar!