H-Game 1897: Lost Chapter v1.08

Developer: Almichadia
Version: 1.08

Awakened by the cold in the deep darkness. I have nothing, everything is left in the dark. Turning on a little light, the girl advances, Leaving all of her choices to you.


[Game Introduction]
The basic flow of “roguelite x card game x AVG” is to progress to deeper levels by acquiring cards and raising status while handling randomly occurring events and battles.

Randomness is strong, and sometimes it may not go well. Different events and drops will paint a different landscape every time you play.

When everything is in conflict, an unknown door should open with the girl!

[About card game elements]
In this work, actions such as attacking and strengthening are performed by using an arbitrarily assembled card deck during battle.

There are more than 40 types of cards, including decks that specialize in physical attacks, decks with a variety of spells, decks that actively perform erotic actions, and decks that hit with power (money). And so on, you can build various types of decks.

You can add up to 30 cards to your deck, but all starting decks are the same. Add arrangements during your adventure and grab your own style.

Game is a little difficult. Because it is a roguelite genre, it is balanced on the premise of repeated play.

[About battle s3x elements]
In this work, most enemies except for some monsters will perform erotic attacks.
There are also many differences such as status ailments, and there are more than 2800 combinations.
Depending on how you combine them, even with the same status ailment, your posture will change, and your appearance will change.

[About s3x events]
In addition to combat, this work also has multiple erotic adventure parts.
Depending on your choices and actions, you can get involved in naughty things, or you can actively engage in obscene behavior yourself.
There are various branches depending on abnormal status, acquired cards, degree of lewdness, etc., and the development may change even in the same event.


・Fixed a bug where <Virginity> was not lost in certain events.
・Fixed a bug where cards under development were in the deck in reminiscence mode.
・Fixed a bug where using [Refresh] during <Cowgirl> would cause the deck to go crazy.
・Fixed a bug where the main character’s name would not change under certain conditions.

・Fixed the bug that the game freezes if you continue to use [Grind/Pressure]
・Added a method to obtain “Resurrection Misanga”.
・Partially changed BGM

◆ Ver.1.05
・Fixed the problem that the probability of the option of the ADV part is strange. Considering the difficulty in infinite rush mode, the probability is slightly relaxed. ・Fixed an issue where the AP consumption in the explanation of [ Unlimit
] was different from the actual effect (match the actual effect)
・Fixed the fluctuation of the wording of [Refresh]
・Fixed a bug related to image error ・Fixed
the behavior of [Super Strong Card] in the inserted state (so that it also receives pleasure damage)
・Improved durability in recollection mode. Since it is due to automatic recovery of LP / RP, it is recommended to switch ON / OFF of automatic recovery depending on the purpose.
・Fixed so that “Faith” and “Morality” do not take values over 101.
・Added a method to obtain “Resurrection Misanga”

◆ Ver.1.04
・Expanded the click hit judgment of the rank selection of the round bonus ・
Changed so that the combination of semen state can be selected in recollection mode (eg: bukkake + vaginal cum shot)
・Under certain circumstances, virgin vaginal cum shot
・Added options to some events ・Fixed a bug
where environmental sounds did not stop playing in some events ・
Partially changed the description at the beginning of the game
・Added <Discard after use> attribute to [Grind]
・[Ride On] Added [Pressure] to derived cards
・Added play manual to game folder ・
Fixed a bug that caused card cost processing to go wrong under certain circumstances ・Fixed a
bug that stopped movement during the final boss battle
・Title Added completion reward

・The effect of [Unlimit] persists across battles.
・An error occurs when “Hypnosis spell” and “Brainwashing spell” are used in succession.
・Upgraded the power of [Grind].
・ Changed not to consume “key” in some events.
・Fine adjustment of the probability of occurrence of battle after the 100th floor.
・Changed so that s3x skills can be used in reminiscence mode.
・Implemented ON/OFF function of automatic recovery

・<Regression state> cannot be canceled with [Cure].
・After the battle, the game crashes due to an image loading error.
・There is a discrepancy in the notation of <faith> and <morality>.
・Some of the standing pictures are displayed strangely when in the <Inflated state>.
– Part of the scenario has been changed.
・Added tricks for reminiscence mode. Even if the conditions are not met, options will be displayed if you select the recollection mode three times.
・Upgraded the power of [Temptation].

・If you take over the trial version with “Product version Ver.1.00”, it will remain in “Trial version mode”. ⇒ [Temporary workaround] Delete all the contents of the “save” file.
・The number of “pussy” counts in “Magatsu”‘s anal attack.
・Unable to fight “Grief” in reminiscence mode.
・After the battle, the game crashes with the error “Fail to load img/picture/Charm609.png”.
・A loop phenomenon occurs due to the absorption attack of “Ogre”.
・When performing a striptease at an inn, you will leave the inn with 0 RP.
・If you have 31 cards or more in your deck, forget-me-nots may become negative.
・After completing a specific event, the event will reoccur.

v1.00 – Initial release

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