H-Game 1788: Captive of Evil

Original Title: 邪教の虜

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Laila, a housewife, arrives in a remote village with her newlywed husband.
However, she is told that she cannot have children in the village because of a curse.
In order to break the curse, Lila becomes a sister of the village’s esoteric Buddhism.
She becomes an esoteric sister of the village to break the curse, and men from all over the village come to her for “s3xual services.

▼ Game overview
Heroine Laila, who has moved to a gloomy countryside with her husband, becomes a sister to break the curse of her village.
One of her services as a sister is the s3xual treatment of men in the village.
It’s up to the player to let Lyra be lustful or resist.

  • There is no happy ending.

▼ H scene features
All etch scene animation.
In a rich etch scene, the limbs move sensually.
Sister with a sloppy body goes crazy with a sloppy voice.

▼ Complete recollection mode
Once you see the etch scene, it will be registered in the recollection mode.
There is also a fully open mode for busy people.

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