H-Game 1685: ThornSin v0.3.1


Version: 0.3.1

Inesa, a battle nun with long legs and beautiful boobs, has a gentle and strong heart, but it seems that something that no one knows is hidden in the depths of that heart.
And when she searched for herself, she sought her faith and set out on a continent where demons were slaughtered.​

A/D: Move
J: Attack
W+J: Special Attack
K: Skill
E: Interact
L: Dash
Space: Jump
F1: Full screen on/off
Esc: Exit




– New Gameover CG in area 3.
– Chapter 3 boss with H-animation.
– Gameplay optimizations
– New relic
– “Creepy symbiote – Each time you are parasitized, your maximum HP will increase.”


The shopkeeper’s evil plans have progressed further.
Release condition: After the player has the first physical negotiation during the game, enter the shop again and talk to the shopkeeper. (Depravity level > 10 required)

Adults are produced when the worms successfully infest.
Adults infest the player’s body with larval worms and produce worms.

Pregnancy is removed when parasitized.

New relics and features
Added some new relics.
A new “Freeze” feature has been added.
“Freeze” temporarily freezes the enemy, and attacking an enemy in the “freeze” state will cause “ice crush”, cancel the “freeze” state and deal additional damage.

Added limit evasion judgment.
problem fix
Self-destruction when a miner dies can now kill the player.
Guardians no longer push boxes.
You don’t have to force rewatch the prologue when you resume.
During the prologue, you can change clothes as soon as the baptism is completed.


“Pregnancy” and “Guardian” features have been implemented!
During battle, if you have a vaginal cum shot, you may get pregnant with a monster baby.
The baby grows up and fights to become a “guardian”.
Different types of “Guardians” have different methods of attack.

“Body Trading” feature implemented: The shopkeeper has taken a sinister step.

Added dog H animation.

“Difficulty selection” has been implemented.
You can choose the difficulty level that suits you.
In the future, we plan to add special achievements and rewards for higher difficulties, so stay tuned.

“Tools” function has been implemented.

Added new relics.

The mechanism of the treasure chest has been optimized, and there are many tools in the treasure chest!

Added visualization UI for ‘Chastity and Corruption’.

The BGM of Chapter 2 has been updated, and the BGM of the Relic Room has also been updated.
While providing new H content with each update, we will continue to make improvements to improve the gameplay of the work itself.
Thank you for your support and patience.
Below is a trial play of the latest trial version. enjoy your meal.

Emergency fixes for “Text display error” and “Werewolf can’t trigger H” issues.


Fully remastered character
Optimized attack animations
Added a dress-up function, you can now freely change clothes in the wardrobe
Added new enemy “Werewolf” and corresponding H-scene
Added a new enemy “Dog”, corresponding H-scenes are still in production.
Added the church interior of the base
Added chapter 2 background
Added BGM for Chapter 2
Added jump platform “Elastosarcoma”
Added destructible prop “Crate”
By dressing up, we complemented all the existing H scene differences, it’s a very difficult task.

Added menu (Esc), basic information page, H status page, and setting page.
Added a standing picture of the menu
The “estrus” state and the rest of the “semen” are reflected in the character’s movements and standing pictures.
Added tentacle monsters
Added H scenes for tentacle monsters
Added a relic room
Added some relics
Added item drops (coins and keys) for encounter battles
Added the function to unlock the locked room and the key.
Added dash movement (L)
Adjusted character proportions
Adjusted the HUD minimap display
Adjusted the character’s attack combo
Bug fixes

Expand the screen range of the camera
Adjust the proportions of your character’s feet
Adjust the character’s attack action

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