H-Game 1270: Queen of Succubus

One day, Rim, the daughter of a demon king, is told by her mother to go and defeat a brave warrior and goes on a trip to the human world.
She reluctantly decides to go and defeat the hero.
It’s her first time in the human world, and she’s more than a little excited.
Will the free-spirited Rim be able to defeat the hero safely?

Basic Operation
Move Arrow keys or left click or WASD
Dash Hold down the shift key while moving.
Menu X key or right click
Skip Left-click and hold

The monsters in the field
If you don’t approach them, they won’t fight.
Some monsters, such as bosses, are forced to fight.
The game is over when your HP becomes zero.

You can buy items at stores in each location.

You can buy items at shops in each location.
The battle is a turn-based battle.
The game will be cleared when you defeat the hero.

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