BONUS H-Game 350

Version: 1.07

Texts inside the game is not stable on our end, even with Locale Emulator.
That’s maybe because we don’t have Japanese Region/Language installed on our PC.
Hope the game run fine with your PC….

Lilia of the Sword was born into legacy, the daughter of the heroes who saved the world. She lived on a small island with her best friend Stella, whose own mother was a bit of a legendary spellcaster.

Lilia’s parents disappeared, and she began to train for a journey to the world beyond her shores. She has no idea of the shame and indignity awaits. Her journey is in your hands.

Shame, humiliation, assault, despoilment!
Over3 times more H scenes than DRAGON PRISON -Captive Princess-!

Dr*gon Quest style interface – familiar and proven Dynamic damage that shows up on Riria’s armor, a bevy of lewd commands, and consensual sex scenes too!

Broadly customizable settings from display to travel/battle/text speed to BGM/SE volumes and more.

All original monsters!
Almost all music is custom-created for game “mood”.
Various characters from small fry nobodies to huge bosses.

Scene replay mode is included, plus other features there’s not room to discuss here!

How strongly and lewdly Riria attains her worldly experience is up to you…

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