H-Game 987: Maze of May (メイの迷宮) v1.1.0

Version: 1.1.0
Japanese Title: メイの迷宮

An old castle forgotten by time…who knows what treasures lie waiting to be scooped up?
Treasure hunter May has heard the rumors, and decides it’s worth the risk of entering.
If she can endure all these ero-attacking monsters and advance,
May just may find out a hidden truth by the end of her journey.

Enjoy beautiful and immersive 3D visuals as you navigate the dungeon!

H Events (Fully Voiced and Skippable)

While lots of work has been put into polishing the gameplay, that doesn’t mean the CG and music have taken a back seat!
Events have togglable full-voice, and are fully-skippable.
Enjoy the game the way you want! Of course. unlocked illustrations and events can viewed freely.

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