BONUS H-Game 85

Version: 0.9.21 + Gallery

third-person action role-playing game. You are encouraged by the game to proceed with caution, learn from past mistakes, or find alternate areas to explore. If you are not careful, monsters will be able to have s3x with you and you will have to start from the very beginning.

A fantasy world, plunged into darkness and debauchery after the arrival of the ancient Goddess of Flesh. She gives everyone what they want most. But she distorts all desires and so the whole world is plunged into perversion and violence. Everything around is nourished by s3xual energy.


Hello Everyone!

I know you’ve been waiting for a long time and I’m finally posting an update. This patch was incredibly hard for me.I accidentally deleted one file in the game and when it was restored, the entire project fell apart. I was able to restore everything after some time thanks to my backups.

But, I had to delay some of the planned content, in order not to torment you with long promises and expectations, I’m posting what I have now.

What’s new?

New Prison content

There is some new content for the Prison location. How to get it? Go to a Brothel. Work as Prostitute and refuse clients. When guard comes to Vernon, challenge Guard. Or. Go to Gloryhole room and interact with a wooden horse to get fast access.

Tentacle rendering approach

I love tentacles. This is my particular fetish. Unfortunately, the animation process of tentacles is very time consuming, also it is very difficult to achieve the desired result for complex scenes. I decided to write my own tentacle renderer script, which will make it easier for me to work with animation, which means delivering even more content to the players.

In the prison location, there is a special room where you can test how it works. Multi-camera is available in the scenes. Right click to change viewing angle.

  • Grab and spread legs
  • Triple penetration
  • Spread Eagle pose
  • Tentacle all the way through + oviposition

Modest and May

We have two new characters. Executioners – Modest and May. I decided to redo the story a bit and Jerry will now be a carpenter (I will update the new dialogues in the next patch). I can’t perceive him as an Executioner, sorry!

Modest and May will teach the Barbarian discipline. If she plays naughty, she will be punished. If the Barbarian behaves well, then she can leave and receive her special reward.

  • Submissive training position minigame
  • May and Modest Handjob
  • Modest takes May from behind with progression
  • Barbarian “bound monkey” scene with progression.

Yavo the Troll

The troll lives under the bridge. He’s just awful. Literally. I decided to make him a part of the script. But he was so disgusting that I decided to completely redo him. So, his name is Yavo now. And Yavo loves fish. Yavo will be involved in the next story with the goblins.

Multi-camera is available in the scenes. Right click to change viewing angle:

  • Ride troll
  • Footjob
  • Hold her arms fingering
  • Use her as living fleshlight
  • Takes her from behind

Push some cream out

I wanted to implement a new feature in this release – creampie. If someone finishes inside Barbarian, you can press the button to push the seed out of yourself. The implementation of this function caused a bug that broke the project. Therefore, these animations are available simply as separate scenes after interacting with the troll and tentacles .

Bug fixed

  • After s3x with orc in tavern, camera locks – fixed
  • Outfits disappear when you move between locations or trying to equip something – fixed
  • After completing the Purgatory trials, it says “You’re passed all trials!” instead of “You’ve / You have” – fixed
  • Half Orc textures seams – fixed
  • Orcish Den breeding event camera lock issue – fixed
  • Brothel, gloryhole tentacle scene – tentacle floating in the air -fixed
  • Hall of Torture, tentacle breed event, next round pussy animation issue – fixed
  • When Doug’s diary is returned to the Witch does not match the text to the speaker icon – fixed
  • The game “How many picks?”, counting correct and incorrect attempts is superimposed on the main interface. – fixed
  • When talking about live armor, the messages do not come out in a frame, but as text before the action – dialogue was removed due as deprecated item
  • Orcish Den, camera lock during “servicing” scenes with Dorc
  • In N’akhzeran, wrong sacrifices at the end of ritual. Barbarian begins to sink into the ground during the animation (the tentacles don’t sink), and right clicking makes the Barbarians body rotate 90 degrees. – fixed

Hello Everyone!

Finally, after a long silence, I can say: “The new release is out!” I apologize for the delays. I wanted to publish the release two days ago, but planning is challenging at the moment.
I have already mentioned that because of the war in Ukraine, I have difficulty planning my work, but a person can adjust to everything and therefore, I have completely returned to a full work routine. An air raid siren is, of course, often a distraction, but this can be dealt with if your workspace is protected by the two-wall rule.
Life goes on, which means the Barbarian continues her adventures.
Last time, based on your voting results, I ended up polishing much of the game’s existing content. In particular, I’m talking about the quest line “Servant of the Gods”
What were my goals?

  • Improve, expand and modify the existing lewd content
  • Disable unnecessary dialogue if Barbarian has moved forward in the story
  • Get rid of the mess in the quest log
  • And of course, simplify the walkthrough of the game and the availability of scenes

Here are the changes, by location:

  • Removed extra quest items
  • Removed repeated dialogue when turning the lever in the cell

Hall of Torture

  • Dialogue with the Goddess of Flesh changes depending on whether the barbarian is a virgin or not
  • The “Mother of Tentacles” lewd event is fully reworked: Multi-camera support, scene speed control, and repeatability.

Stormwind Valley

  • Added short dialogues with guards about N’akhzeran
  • You don’t need to work as a prostitute to seduce the Devenant guard anymore (offer yourself menu)

Witch Hut

  • Removed unnecessary dialogue branches
  • Changed dialogue about Torus and Burgilda


  • You can send an alchemist to look for his journal in the brothel. In this case, he will prevent your work.
  • S3x on the table was added, with multi-camera support and scene speed control.
  • If you refuse customers often (more than 3 times per session), the owner of the brothel will have problems with the guards.
  • Blowjob scene added, with multi-camera support and scene speed control.

Noria Tavern

  • “Ask about GOF” dialogue added
  • Bath salt tentacle event was changed, and a tentacle rub scene is added, with multi-camera support and scene speed control.
  • Tentacle ride scene added, with multi-camera support and scene speed control.


  • Changed dialogs with the default form of Torus
  • Added dialogs with modified Torus
  • The barbarian will not crawl into the cave to the dragon if she doesn’t see any reasons to do this
  • If you get into the mines through a hatch in the city and open a locked door from the back, you don’t need the key anymore

Torus Secret Room
4 Mothers game mechanic updated.
I decided to simplify the grind a bit. Now, when you defeat cultists and succubi, they will stack to the room. You won’t need to run from all over the location to attach the next heretic to the wall of flesh
The flesh wall saves the position of the heretic when you leave this room.
Barbarian can use the wall for her own pleasure, with multi-camera support.
You no longer need Burgild to complete the ritual in the room.
Now to get the Servant of the Gods ending you need:

  • Find the book of portals in the Letel dimension.
  • Inseminate 4 heretics with the living armor.

I also plan to add a bonus ending for a virgin walkthrough. I will update the walkthrough of this line tomorrow. The flesh wall model has been updated.
Flesh wall Poses:

  • Stick hands inside
  • Pussy Rub
  • Restrain hands
  • Restrain limbs
  • Restrained tentacle sex
  • Breed heretic with living armor (Speed control. Multi-camera support)


  • 3 lesbian sex scenes rebuilt. (Speed control. Multi-camera support)
  • 3 sex scenes with male cultist redone (Speed control. Multi-camera support)
  • 1 Tresome sexscene redone (Speed control. Multi-camera support)
  • 2 Tresome sex scenes added (Speed control. Multi-camera support)
  • Pray for money cost is 5 gold now
  • Pray mechanic has been changed.
  • Dialogue changing


  • Burgild and Beeh Dialogue changed
  • You don’t need to find Burgild among Succubi.

Bug fix:

  • Asking Mister Clay to allow or remove the orcs from Devanant costs 100 gold but it only takes 50 gold – fixed
  • Internal controller rotation error – fixed
  • Doug orgy in the Inn animation issue – fixed
  • Gloryhole, taking client from behind clothing issue – fixed
  • Witch hut. Taking futa witch from behind keeps clothes on – fixed
  • Noria Tavern hot bath tentacle scene clothing issues – fixed.
  • Letel dimension, Succubus appear FX issue – fixed
  • Letel dimension, Succubus material visible seams – fixed
  • Letel Dimension, camera transition too slow – fixed
  • Hell – Burgilda material visible seams – fixed
  • Hell – Burgilda Idle animation fixed
  • Witch hut. Barbarian become futa. Black screen softlock. -fixed
  • Witch hut. Barbarian futa model normals issue – fixed
  • Witch hut. Barbarian having witch scene, wrong gens position – fixed
  • Witch hut. Softlock for particular menu items (some items are not shown) – fixed
  • Hugh hut and City Hall locations. Hugh textures seams – fixed
  • Hall of torture. Evil cultist texture seams fixed
  • Stormvind valley devenant guard enter softlock – fixed
  • Mine. Goblin texture seams – fixed
  • Mine. Torus default form texture issue fixed.
  • Mine. Torus changed form texture issue fixed.
  • Mine. Torus dialogues quest softlock – fixed
  • Torus dimension. Barbarian floats in the air at start scene
  • You can use living armor if you didn’t beat your clone – fixed
  • Code cleaning.
  • Removed deprecated quest line “Path of the revenge” (all quests will be removed soon)

What’s has been changed:

  • Barbarian home: Using a dildoo. Barbarian stays clothed. Fixed.
  • Brothel: “Leave job” menu appears at the wrong time.
  • Brothel: Russian translation updated (except some phraces).
  • Brothel: Gloryhole events. Next client – screen goes white, softlock. Fixed
  • Brothel: Gloryhole events. Client POV camera issue. Fixed
  • Brothel: Gloryhole events. Next client action. Legs clips wall. Fixed
  • Brothel: You can end your duty whenever you want. Menu updated.
  • Hall of torture. Covered chair collider issue. Fixed
  • Noria tavern. Orc invasion event. Unnatural limbs position of Noria.
  • Dorkharu den: Servicing Dork on his throne scenes – pregnancy and facial issues. Fixed.
  • Dorkharu den: Taking bath camera works wrong. Fixed
  • Dorkaru den animation avatar errors (it affected on many scenes) – fixed
  • Barbarian futa milked by Witch – unnatural gens position – fixed
  • Barbarian futa milked by Witch – camera issues – fixed
  • Arena. Special show cursor issue – fixed
  • Purgatory – you can skip the first trial by walking over the rock.
  • Brothel: repeat gloryhole tentacle event, works wrong – Fixed
  • Brothel: Opening of additional poses works wrong – fixed

The Brothel is one of the early locations and therefore has a lot of outdated content. I decided to refine the existing mechanics of working as prostitute and, using your comments, brought it nearer to a reasonable ideal involiving dynamic elements and interactive play. What’s new?

Dynamic Client Generation.

In the previous version of the Brothel, the Barbarian was only able to serve the same character model, featured in set ways based on which bed was chosen.

As of the new release, the appearance of the client will be different. The client appearance is generated using 4 base body types, 8 skin materials, and 6 texture tones.

Each client has his own preferences (at the moment it is classic or oral satisfaction) and his mood (angry, sad, calm and cheerful). These parameters determine how much energy will Barbarian spend to fulfill his request.

For example, if the client is angry, he will mistreat the Barbarian and she will get more tired. At the same time, she will not spend any effort on a cheerful client, but there is a chance he can take some of her money with him.

The Game Mechanics Update

The new release also offers more choice on how The Barbarian can manage her time and clients at The Brothel.

The client appears in the Barbarian’s room and offers to serve him for some fee. She can agree or refuse. The number of clients per day is limited, as are her “action points,” APs. If her APs or customers in the queue run out, the shift will be over.

If you refuse to serve the client, there is a chance to lose popularity. This will affect the number of customers next time.

Interactive Smut Scenes

I often hear from you that the game lacks “progress” scenes as 90% of all scenes are just loops. Namely, we were not able to control the speed and intensity of the characters’ movements. Of course, we can just speed up the animation by two or three times, but it will look terrible, right?

In one of the previous releases, I experimented with procedural animation control (Futa barbarian bending Witch). Now I have developed an approach for myself to create and use scenes in the game, where the player can control the speed of the “frictions,” while the speed of “main animation layer” is not speeding up. It takes more time to create animation, but the result is more interesting and controllable by the player.

Smut Scenes

Below is a list of new game scenes (6 outdated scenes have been disabled). All scenes have a speed control and a satisfaction scale.

Anonymous service booth

  • Behind
  • Lying on back
  • Oral service

Working as a prostitute:

  • Hand job
  • Blow job
  • Rimming
  • Deep throat
  • Face down, hips up
  • She is rider
  • She on top turn back to him
  • Missionary

Special Events

  • Double party
  • Gloryhole tentacle

Russian Translation Update
I want to express my gratitude to CorSan for updating and completing the translation. This is truly a titanic work. I hope you will like it. Also, if you have any comments, feel free to write in #localization

Bugs fixed
Purgatory: Tentacles texture issues

Orcish Den: You can have sex with Gork while turned into Futa – fixed

Orcish Den: The hole in the wall camera issue – fixed

Orcish Den: You can interact with tentacles while you futa

Orcish Den: You can service gloryhole while you’re futa

Orcish Den: You can see clone of WItch while you serve her in the cell

Orcish Den: After Tork knocks us out, message “I feel a bit better…” (etc.) starts showing up every time – fixed

Orcish Den:”Princess?” dialogue branch cursor issue – fixed

Orcish Den:Taking bath cursor issue – fixed

Bank: Barbarian keep her clothes on while oral pleasure scene

Forest Of Oblivion: Submit to Elder Anorien gens issue – fixed

Forest of Oblivion: When mating with a tree if you are visibly pregnant, the belly sags as if the barbarian were not pregnant


New Scene and Narratives: Dorkharu Den

If the Barbarian trains Torc to the point of exhaustion, she complains to the Witch about the unbearable working conditions. Don’t forget to compliment his punch! Scenes added:

  • Balance pose scene
  • Balance pose finishing inside scene

The Witch offers the Barbarian a special strength potion. She can try to break through Dorc’s guards using it, but it comes with consequences. Scenes added:

  • Spit roast
  • Spit roast with finishing inside
  • Double penetration
  • Double penetration finishing inside

Since talking to Dorc to expose Sienna doesn’t work, the Barbarian can try to persuade one of the orcs over to her side. She can use the potion to enhance her strength in order to match Torc in training.

Scenes added for if you don’t take the potion include:

  • Brain-damaged dreams – Tentacles

Persuade Torc to support you to expose the Witch! That too will have consequences:

  • Cunnilingus scene with climax

The Witch can acquire a new pet for her hut. Scenes added:

  • Thigh job
  • Felatio
  • Locked Torc ride
  • Locked Torc finishing inside

Futa Mode
There’s a big change in store for the Barbarian in this update too – Futa Mode!

The strength potion that the Barbarian takes has a side effect – the transformation into a futa. And if the Witch notices that Barbarian has an extra detail between her legs during their evening meetings, it changes her “torture” scenes. Such changed scenes include:

  • Witch Barbarian Milking
  • Witch Rimming Barbarian
  • Witch Prostate Massaging Barbarian
  • Futa Witch taking Barbarian and finishing inside

X-Ray View Updated

I am updating the X-ray view controller to use it in all new scenes without issue. Press “X” to activate. Here’s a list of where the updated controller is available:

  • Balance pose scene (Den)
  • Balance finishing inside scene (Den)
  • Mating press (Den)
  • Mating press finishing inside (Den)
  • Gloryhole (Den)
  • Gloryhole finish inside (Den)
  • Pool with witch event (Den)
  • Pool with witch, finishing inside(Den)
  • Having fun with Erenlius on table (Den)
  • Erenlius finishing inside (Den)
  • Breeding scene with Dorc slow, fast and finishing inside (Barbarian only) (Den)
  • Sleeping orc ride (Den)
  • Sleeping orc finishing inside (Den)
  • Table cleaner extra tips scene (Den)
  • Table cleaner, finishing inside (Den)
  • Ride Dorc (dancer event) (Den)
  • Ride Dorc, he finishes inside (dancer event) (Den)
  • Locked Torc ride (Witch hut)
  • Locked Torc, finishing inside (Witch hut)

This list will expand with each release.

New Appearance Adjustments!

There have been a lot of suggestions on how to update the Barbarian’s Appearance settings. I decided to make the adjustments of the breasts, waist and buttocks more precise. You may now use the number keys, 1 to 6, to customize her look. I aim to complete the controller update in the January release and fully implement it in February.

Limitations of the Release

With new releases, come limitations of features. Here are a few:

  1. The old controller doesn’t work in Dorkharu Den
  2. Outfit inventory is not available in Dorkharu Den, as it must be redone for the new appearance controller
  3. In Futa mode, tattoos, dirt and pubic hair are disabled

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