BONUS H-Game 283


Version: 0.20.0 + APK for Android


You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​



  • Veronica & Madison: The return of Veronica and Madison! Conquer the college and make Hazel loyal (or get rid of her) to enter!
  • The Bridge: You can now (attempt to) cross the bridge, once you’ve conquered it, to attack the east side of town!
  • Shopkeep: New character appears! The Shopkeep. Allows you to buy upgrades for your dice (and more later on)!
  • Elixirs: You can now gather Ichor Elixirs (Eldritch Currency) from the Bridge after completing the event above!
  • War Room: Improved the “Ask Jessica for help” section, and added “How do I Shatter my opponent?” to the list of questions
  • War Room: Improved the “Ask Jessica for help” section, and added “How do I Shatter my opponent?” to the list of questions
  • Map: Mansion and Apartment locations are now unlocked for everyone in Act Three, even if you didn’t find them in Act Two!
  • Map: If you’ve completed the combat tutorial, you can now explore the town at night!
  • Combat: You can now increase your dice to D8’s (maximum roll of 8)!
  • Combat: New Power available! You can now use HIDDEN VOICES in combat for a one-turn SCOUT effect!
  • Veronica: Veronica now has a paperdoll!
  • Madison: Madison now has a paperdoll!
  • Bug: Hid “Troop Count” on the stats page until players have completed the combat tutorial
  • Bug: The new combat system accidentally blocked progress with Emma. You can now continue to unearth the mystery surrounding her fear!
  • Bug: The engine upgrade broke a couple girls’ pregnancies. Now the only thing stopping you from having kids is your crippling social anxiety!
  • Bug: The Lily’s Bar event in Act Three wasn’t firing for people – now it will trigger correctly (Lily got drunk and fell asleep on an important button)!
  • Bug: A few text overflow issues dealt with
  • Bug: Wheeled Gwen back an inch so she wasn’t overlapping her own name and dialogue any more
  • Bug: When fighting Goons, if you put a dice into ATTACK and then removed it, it would unlock SEDUCE which would then crash. Now SEDUCE remains greyed-out no matter what. Sorry, boy-love fans!
  • Bug: Shattering a girl, then selecting “release”, then changing your mind, was crashing the game. Now you can be as weirdly indecisive as you like!
  • Bug: MC will no longer claim the college is his when he doesn’t, in fact, own it during the fight with Hazel
  • Bug: Goon Tactics weren’t turning off after combat ends, allowing people to sneak the abilities into practice fights. Now MC is forced to play fair. Booo!
  • Bug: SSsoem Typpoes Fixxedh…


  • BATTLE SYSTEM REWORK: A complete overhaul of the Battle System! There’s WAY Too many changes to list here, but here are just a few highlights:
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: Brand-new combat mechanics and renders
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: No more districts! Conquer locations directly to unlock their events!
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: The Organisation will now try to take back vulnerable locations you’ve conquered!
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: Boss Girls all have a unique naughty event!
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: Hana will now prepare “Meals” – permanent effects that change certain aspects of the combat system!
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: Dungeon and Rehab removed while I rework their concepts
  • BATTLE SYSTEM: Just… so much more!
  • UPGRADE: The cutscene issue on Android has been fixed, so this update upgrades the game engine once again! If you’ve been having trouble getting the game to run on your Android device, this should fix the problem!
  • Cafe: Added a line to remind people to talk to the Chief in Act Two if they try to use the Lvl 2 Passcard too quickly
  • Stats: The stats were misaligned with the hint overlay. Now it actually makes sense!
  • Stats: Added “TROOPS” counter to the stats page
  • Bug: Fixed some dialogue lines in the Rehab that were displaying underneath the paperdolls
  • Bug: Fixed some more text overflow issues. That should be it for the overflow problems!
  • Bug: Fixed an “I should increase my authority” dialogue line when you were already maxed out
  • Bug: Fixed an “I should be able to teach private classes now!” line when you already had that ability
  • Bug: As Typo Hero enfolds the Dread Arc in a hug there is a sudden burst of static… the world stretches… groans… and snaps!


  • Viola: TWO new naughty events with Viola (just talk to her in the bar after meeting her)! To get the second event just be naughty with her a second time…
  • Version: The cutscene bug still isn’t fixed in the Android version, and it looks like it’s a problem with Ren’py itself. So for now I’ve reverted back to 7.5.2. All your saves should still work, but I’m ready to upload an 8.1.1 version if anything goes wrong. Sorry about this, everyone!
  • Bug: Players could get access to Jessica’s car earlier than intended on replays
  • Bug: On meeting Lyx in Act Three, MC would reference Molly even though she may not be there. Obviously they are soul-bound through space and time!
  • Bug: Some of MC’s text was appearing underneath the girls’ paperdolls in the rehab centre
  • Bug: Fixed a graphical issue that was making MC’s right arm show up twice during the meeting with Viola. MC is Eldritch confirmed!?
  • Bug: Viola was showing up in her “true(?)” form when visiting the Cosplaytime store. She has now been hidden again!
  • Bug: Pregnancy checks were throwing up error messages. Now the only thing throwing up is the expectant mothers! … gross
  • Bug: TypeError when trying to invite Claire on a date at the club has been fixed. That girl certainly knows how to say no!
  • Bug: … and lets it fall. With a sudden movement he darts forwards and, raising his arms wide… enfolds the Dread Arc in a hug.


  • Certain cutscenes not playing
  • Errors related to kinetic tags/gradients
  • Text overflow in certain dialogues
  • Pregnancy not working in Act Two

Okay, so this update is a little different, in that it’s actually an upgrade. Specifically, an upgrade to the Ren’py SDK. There’s a number of advantages to upgrading, but most of them are highly technical, so I’ll just cover the main ones:

First, and most importantly, this should fix any Android issues people have been having! The upgraded SDK comes with all sorts of fixes for Android, so if you haven’t been able to run CK on your device recently, this should solve your issue!

Secondly, the upgrade bumps Ren’py up to Python 3 (the programming language) which comes with a lot of new goodies, including the ability to create pseudo-3D environments, synchronize your saves to my server for easy transfer between devices, and many more. These features aren’t enabled right now (as I need to experiment with them first) but will be slowly introduced in the coming months.

Now, all that being said, there’s a reason why this is a separate download. Everything has been thoroughly tested, top to bottom, but as with any upgrade there could be little gremlins just waiting to strike. So please backup your saves before playing this upgraded version! It’s a 99.9% chance that you’ll be absolutely fine, but 0.1% is still a chance.


  • Viola: The new community-created character is finally revealed! Viola Zann! Just head to Lily’s bar after the events of 0.19.3 to meet her!
  • Viola: After meeting Viola, you can talk to her in the bar and learn a little more about her
  • UI: HUGE User Interface refurbishment! Because of the discrepancy between the early game and late game renders, the cutscene bars were causing ugly issues when overlayed by textboxes. Because of this, I have decided to shrink down the new textboxes to better fit the old bars. Along with this change is the following:
  • UI: Character titles have been temporarily removed! I have a better idea of how to incorporate them in a more attractive and less forceful way, but I need to polish it a bit, so for now they’re hidden
  • UI: Prefix “think” and “speech” images are now attached to the start of each dialogue line, so they follow the text rather than occupying a fixed position!
  • UI: When no paperdoll (side image) is on the screen, dialogue text will expand to fill the textbox – no more bunching up to the right!
  • Misc: Removed the “are you sure you want to…” confirmation when you cancel power or lead usage. Too many clicks!
  • Bug: It was possible to try to confront Lily in the evening, resulting in an image error. Now you are forced to let her sleep, you meanies
  • Bug: Added a line of code to prevent Jessica from popping up in scenes she isn’t supposed to be in. She’s just so worried about you!
  • Bug: Some of the navigation icons had artifacting, and not the fun green girl kind!
  • Bug: Telling Chloe to go to her room for naughty fun with her assassin form kept you in the war room. Now you will move correctly!
  • Bug: The Goons were overlapping the text in the train and roadblock maps. They’ve been told to shuffle a little more to the left
  • Bug: The Dread Arc rises from his seat and his form grows to fill the chamber, the shadows themselves seeming to reach out and trail around his gargantuan form, lit only by the flickering light of a single computer screen. Silently, Typo Hero steps forward and raises his sword…


  • Lyx: Lyx returns! Conquer the Apartment Block and then sleep in your room at the Manor to meet her again!
  • Jessica: New naughty event with Jessica! Just talk to her and select “let’s be naughty”!
  • Chloe: You can now have naughty fun with Chloe in her Assassin form in her room (this was accidentally blocked before)!
  • Lily: In Act Two, you can no longer work as normal when you find Lily drunk and upset at the bar. You now have to talk to her first, you heartless monster
  • Chastity: Switched “Eldritch Beauty” title to “Mysterious Beauty” for the early game, as it’s potentially a spoiler. A certain event in Act One will change the title back to the Eldritch one (you don’t need to restart – people already past that point will have the Eldritch Beauty title)
  • Goons: The group of Goons now have their own updated paperdoll, and won’t be weirdly bisected when chasing you from the train station or the roadblock in Act Three
  • Bug: Lily was sometimes not wearing the right clothes in Act Two until you approached her. She’s been asked to stop quick-changing behind the bar
  • Bug: Goons will no longer have paperdolls pop up during the Act Two finale. It was distracting and weird!
  • Bug: Ami no longer has the weird, bisected paperdoll image when giving you binoculars in Act Three
  • Bug: You can no longer visit the dungeon at the start of Act Three before meeting with Pixie again
  • Bug: Jessica’s paperdoll was hanging around during her naughty bathroom event. She has been told to stop being creepy
  • Bug: One of the map icons was wiggling provocatively when moused over, and it was awakening things in people. It has been kink-shamed into stopping
  • Bug: Tidied up a little code, preparatory to possibly upgrading the SDK
  • Bug: Blinking, Typo Hero surveys the room of the Dread Arc. A small, dimly-lit room, illuminated only by the flickering of a single screen. A hunched figure raises bleary eyes to gaze upon the intruder, and croaks out “You… finally.”


  • Emma: New story event! Visit Emma’s room after taking a certain number of districts to kick it off!
  • Lily: New naughty event with Lily! Talk to her in the bar (after the developments in 0.19.3)!
  • Jessica: Added some new facial expressions and tweaked her “neutral” expression to be less happy, so now she won’t be smiling when giving you bad news any more! Who knew Jessica was so into schadenfreude?
  • Bug: The Centre for Disease Control map icon was stuck in its “hover” phase after being taken by the Eldritch. It has been brought back down to earth
  • Bug: Tweaked some of Chastity’s expressions to tidy up a shading issue
  • Bug: Finally, Typo Hero stands before the door to the Dread Arc’s chamber… there’s a lock on the door! With a gesture the lock becomes a lick… wiping his hand, Typo Hero creaks open the door and steps inside…


  • Lily: Another story/lore event! Talk to Jessica to open up the bar, then try entering it again!
  • Lily: You can now chat with Lily in the bar (after the certain events from the last update)
  • Jessica: Talk to Jessica about the Bar to gain access to it (and some new lore)!
  • Jessica: Tweaked Jessica’s code when you’re talking to her so that she doesn’t keep zooming in and out
  • Rehab: You can now select “Sleep and return” at night at the Rehab Centre – no more having to trek all the way back to the Manor!
  • Bug: Jessica was hanging around a little too long in the Lily story event. She will now take the hint and leave you alone earlier
  • Bug: A monster lunges from the shadows straight for Typo Hero! But one glance from his burning eyes and the monster becomes a mister and shamefacedly slinks away… a creature into a feature… staff to stuff… relentlessly, he moves onwards!


  • Lily: New STORY event! Conquer the Park district and then sleep to kick it off!
  • Lily: You can now knock on the bar door and have a small conversation with Lily! No more hiding out in the bar
  • Lily: Updated her Paperdoll to the latest version! No more strange bisections!
  • Lily: Reworked the scene where you meet Lily in Act Three to remove the black bars and improve the lighting slightly
  • New Location: A new location will be added to the Manor after a certain event! No spoilers… you’ll figure it out!
  • War Map: New Conquerable location! “The Park”! (South of the Manor) – no Boss Girl for this one, sorry!
  • Church: Updated the Church background to make it more… Eldritchy!
  • Train Station: The background for the Train Station now changes when the Eldritch conquer the area!
  • Goons: Goons now have a Victory Screen when you beat them in district battles, just like the Boss Girls!
  • Misc: Added an “ACT THREE” text display during the Act Two finale
  • Bug: The purchase price of The Field wasn’t disappearing after buying it in Act Two
  • Bug: Jessica wasn’t counting districts correctly; she has been told to use her fingers if that helps
  • Bug: Using rollback whilst doing therapy was causing the paperdolls to get stuck. Now they should disappear as intended!
  • Bug: Fixed some minor shading issues with one of Chastity’s outfit and expression combinations
  • Bug: It was possible to duplicate characters if you broke them then sent them to rehab from the dungeon. No more clones! We’ve been having a real problem with them lately…
  • Bug: The corridors twist and change at some unseen will as the Typo Hero moves unseen and uncontested, onwards, ever onwards, towards the Dread Arc…


  • Eldritch: The Eldritch Fight Back! The Eldritch faction has decided to take advantage of the war to try and claim the town for its tentacled own. For every district you conquer, the Eldritch will now claim one (or more!) for their own… uh-oh!
  • War Map: New Conquerable location! “Apartment Block”! (South of the Manor) – no Boss Girl for this one, sorry!
  • War Map: New Conquerable location! “Chinatown”! (South of the Manor) – no Boss Girl for this one, sorry!
  • Misc: Updated the combat tutorials and practice fights so the dialogue makes a bit more sense, and the stat displays open automatically when appropriate
  • Bug: You couldn’t talk to Alice in the garden, which was making her very sad… so now you can!
  • Bug: The issue with duplicate Boss Girls has been fixed – once you load your game you’ll notice that all the clones have been… dealt with…
  • Bug: Fixed gaining Noelle’s memento jumping you to Hillside instead of Northside
  • Bug: Terri was missing some battle sprites. They have been restored!
  • Bug: Moved Tammi (enemy support) to a better location during combat
  • Bug: Chastity icon in the wardrobe menu was tearing. Now it’s not!
  • Bug: Chloe’s Assassin form’s title wasn’t displaying properly – now it is!
  • Bug: After the graphical overhaul for the combat system, the tutorials were displaying things in the wrong places – now they point to the right locations!
  • Bug: Fixed a “not in list” error when admitting Boss Girls to rehab from the dungeon without breaking them
  • Bug: You could send girls to rehab before it was built. So eager! But now you have to wait
  • Bug: Ami was growing an extra ear in her War outfit. She has been told to stop eating the glowing green cheese
  • Bug: Alice was appearing all over the Manor, in places she shouldn’t be. Now she’ll be a little more careful
  • Bug: Alarms blare, a flashing red light dark corridors illuminating the grimly-set face of the Typo Hero as he makes his way through the Dread Arc’s Tower…


  • Transparent Animations: I’m testing out a new method of creating transparent animations (where the animation plays and the background can be seen behind it). If I can get this to work nicely, it will open up a lot of opportunities to bring/summon girls and be naughty with them anywhere! As well as opening up some interesting events, potentially…
  • Chloe: Chloe is being used to test the above system. Talk to her anywhere, and select “let’s be naughty” and then “right here” to try out the new system!
  • Chloe: Assassin Form is now available! Only in the above system for now, I’m afraid, though – just while testing
  • Alice: Alice now has a paperdoll!
  • Alice: You can now find Alice around the Manor and chat with her! She can be found in the following locations:
  • Alice: Can be found at the FRONT DOOR on MONDAY MORNING!
  • Alice: Can be found in the GARDEN on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON!
  • Alice: Can be found in the LIVING ROOM on FRIDAY MORNING!
  • Misc: Removed all the “by 1/one” text snippets from stat increases where the jump cannot ever be higher than one, for consistency and brevity
  • Bug: Puppet’s paperdoll was showing up for some people where she shouldn’t. She’s been told to be less spooky
  • Bug: Some characters were missing specific battle sprite frames
  • Bug: Quick menu wasn’t turning back on after battles for players who had the option enabled. Now it will!
  • Bug: You could enter the rehab at night. MC has been reminded that a good night’s sleep is important for a healthy mind and stable emotional state and has agreed to let the poor patients sleep
  • Bug: Rehab was allowing you to admit Boos Girls you hadn’t met yet for treatment. When did MC become able to manipulate the time stream!?
  • Bug: Turning off Auto-Win was dumping players in random locations. The wormhole has been closed
  • Bug: Typo Hero rubs his unmarked chest and grins, as sirens blare and a desperate voice reverberates through the speakers above: TRUE REALITY BREACHED! THE HERO IS AWAKE! THE HERO IS AWAKE!


The weekly update has been released!

This week it’s a huge upgrade to the Rehabilitation Centre! Now you must lead the girl’s therapy session and complete a unique event to get them to join your side! For reasons of filesize and workload, all one-shot girls (such as the Boss Girls) are assigned a “speech style” rather than individual dialogue, but there are elements of individuality in each one so I hope everyone can still have fun with it! Also, you can now choose what recruits will call you, engage in practice squad battles and AUTO-WIN ALL YOUR FIGHTS (if you want)! I hope you enjoy! 

NOTE: I will be taking my once-every-two-or-three-months break next week so there will be no update until the 12th of June, at which point weekly updates will start up again!

Due to the necessity of changing the User Interface some screens (such as the skill, inventory, fighter and crafting screens) haven’t had a UI pass and look kinda janky. All this will be fixed in the next few updates, so please bear with me until then. Thank you!


  • Rehabilitation Centre: Rehabilitation system has been upgraded! Now instead of merely waiting the one week, you must interact with the girl and lead her therapy session. At the end, you will have to visit her home district for a unique event, after which she will be recruitable and given the “rehabilitated” mental state!
  • Rehabilitation Centre: You can now send girls that you broke in the dungeon to therapy! (changes their mental state from “broken” to “rehabilitated”). NOTE: the “broken” mental state isn’t applied retroactively due to coding limitations. Only girls you break from this update onwards will have the “broken” or “shattered” mental state. Sorry! You can still send everyone to therapy, though!
  • Rehabilitation Centre: You can now admit girls directly into therapy from the rehab centre. No need to go via the dungeon!
  • Rehabilitation Centre: You can now choose what recruits (such as the Boss Girls) will call you (default: “Master”)!
  • War Room: New “Battle options” choice under “Prepare for battle”: allows you to auto-win all your battles! For people who just want to enjoy the story and not have to engage with the combat system
  • War Room: New “Squad Fight” under the “practice battle” option, for people who want to try out morale-affecting skills or see what new squads look like
  • Speech System: A new speech system has been coded and makes its debut with this release! This is all “under the hood” stuff, but it should make introducing new characters significantly faster AND allow them to be summoned for conversation and naughtiness ANYWHERE (in future updates)!
  • Misc: Went through the paperdoll code and massively streamlined it. This will make creating and displaying paperdoll variants (including nudes!) much easier going forward!
  • Misc: New “under the hood” system for storing individual character data (such as their mental state) that will allow for a lot more nuanced interactions going forward!
  • Misc: Testing out a system that will allow paperdolls to remain on-screen even when someone else is talking. Only used in therapy sessions right now, but if it works I’ll spread it to the other events too.
  • Bug: Left the TEST FIGHT option from dev testing in the war room… whoops!
  • Bug: You could send Goons to the rehabilitation centre before it was built. Now they actually have to wait for construction to be done, first!
  • Bug: You could re-recruit Boss Girls when roleplaying in the dungeon with them. No more cloning! It ruined Spider-man…
  • Bug: The blade plunges deep into Typo Hero’s chest and the world… cracks… falling away in green shards which shatter against the cold marble floor… of the Dread Arc’s tower!

I hope you enjoy this week’s update! Next Early Accessupdate will be Monday, 12th of June.

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