BONUS H-Game 283


Version: 0.18.0 + APK for Android

You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​



Due to the necessity of changing the User Interface some screens (such as the skill, inventory, fighter and crafting screens) haven’t had a UI pass and look kinda janky. All this will be fixed in the next few updates, so please bear with me until then. Thank you!


  • Combat: While SCOUTing a conquered territory, you can now “Look for trouble”, which will throw you into a fight that grants EXP and allows you to learn new skills from team mates. Only one battle encounter is available right now, but more will be added in time!
  • Misc: Changed Pixie’s initial title so it’s not so spoilerific for new players
  • Bug: Hazel’s face was missing when she was Shattered, which was… horrifying
  • Bug: The item menu wasn’t showing up properly in combat. Now it is! Pizza and fighting, what could go wrong?
  • Bug: Pump It and Motivate were triggering counter-attacks. You no longer get punched for shouting loudly!
  • Bug: Demense entry dialogues were obscuring the “Nexus” button. Now they’re not!
  • Bug: Chelsea was showing up instead of Hazel when thrown in the dungron after an HP loss. Now the correct girl insults you!
  • Bug: A number of text lines in leads and menu choices were over-running their boxes. They have been taught to keep within the lines…
  • Bug: Obviously the bugs were left there as a cunning trap, but Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives are not to be deterred! They’ve just found a suspicious trail of jam and they’re on the case!


Due to the necessity of changing the User Interface some screens (such as the skill, inventory, fighter and crafting screens) haven’t had a UI pass and look kinda janky. All this will be fixed in the next few updates, so please bear with me until then. Thank you!


  • War Map: New Conquerable location! “Hillside Development”! (Just south of the Manor)
  • Boss Girl: New Boss Girl! “Hazel D.” in charge of the Hillside Development district!
  • Skill: New combat skill – PUMP IT! Learned from Hazel, the new Boss Girl!
  • Combat: Reworked the AI a little bit to prevent them defaulting to a single move most of the time (TANK especially has been completely reworked)
  • Jessica: You can now call Jessica to the LIVING ROOM any time you like! No more hunting around the Manor for her! Man, she was good at hide and seek!
  • Ard & Hana: Now have updated paperdolls! No more bisected Hana in the kitchen. Phew!
  • Misc: Highlighted the word GARDEN in the “Learn How to Fight” lead as people weren’t reading it carefully and were getting confused as to where Jessica was (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: Fixed a situation in which you could get soft-locked in the Dungeon. Uh-oh!
  • Bug: Fixed a UI issue where “(iExit)” was appearing on Wardrobe options
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where Jessica would sometimes pop up during battle. Don’t be a helicopter mom, Jessica!
  • Bug: Fixed the “black bar at bottom of screen” bug! (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: You could recruit the Boss Girl multiple times from the dungeon. No more clones! (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: You could “Mount an Attack” before doing the battle tutorial in the garden, which would mess up progression (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: The lab background wasn’t showing up in Act Two. Now it is! (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: Jessica’s stats weren’t increasing for her naughty bathroom event (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: Moved quick_menu to the top of the screen and tied its visibility to the visibility of the top bar. Hopefully this will solve the Android “quick menu is blocking stuff” (fixed in 0.17.8b)
  • Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives approach the creaking cupboard slowly. Is it the missing jam? A lead? A clue!? AHHHH! NOITSBUGS! ITSBUUUUUUGS!


  • Jessica: You can now have naughty fun with Jessica in the bathroom (WEDNESDAY MORNING)!
  • Ami: Ami is now on lookout duty only in the AFTERNOON
  • Ami: Ami can now be found cleaning the bathroom on MONDAY MORNINGS
  • Ami: Ami can now be found cleaning the east hallway on WEDNESDAY MORNINGS
  • Ami: Ami can now be found clearing the garden on FRIDAY MORNINGS
  • Misc: Added a fade transition when opening the War Map so it’s less jarring
  • Bug: Ami will no longer regenerate her eye when switching to her ponytail hairstyle. Poor Ami…
  • Bug: Time wasn’t advancing when MC went looking for the fish girls. Super Simping Swimming Speed?
  • Bug: Hopefully fixed the overlapping quick menu and exit buttons on the War Map for Android players (Hopefully)
  • Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives! Their first adventure: the case of the Terrible Typos! Who is the typo in the white sheet? Is the Manor haunted? And who took all the jam? These questions and more will probably not be answered in… Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives!


  • War Room: New room: the War Room! Talk to Jessica (Front Door on Sunday afternoon) and select “Strategise with Jessica”
  • War Map: New mechanic – the interactive War Map! Just for information right now, but you will be able to plan attacks and conquer territory with it very soon!
  • Paperdolls: New paperdoll for Ami (Dress her up at the wardrobe in your room)!
  • Misc: Removed the Church from the property listings since you can’t buy it yet and it was worrying people about to do the Act Two finale
  • Misc: Moved the Manor nav UI around a bit again. The number of buttons on this UI is too damn high!
  • Bug: Typo stuff… or Gwen And Ami: Kid Detectives! Either one


  • Main Story: Main Story progression! After exploring the map, return to the Manor’s Front Door
  • Nexus: You can now TRY to use the Nexus portal in the Manor (emphasis on “try”)!
  • Kana: Added some extra dialogue lines in Act One to help people who are confused about springing the Org trap
  • Bug: The East Hallway was trapping players who interacted with anything in it. The curse has been lifted and everyone should be free now
  • Bug: A mysterious figure emerges to encase Typo Hero’s body in green crystal! So while he’s in there, how about the Adventures of Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives!


  • Ami: You can now be naughty with Ami at the front door (talk to her when she’s at the front door)!
  • Goon Squad: Added Org Goon Squads to the Roadblock and Train locations to prevent MC from escaping!
  • Misc: Updated the “Exit” button at night to bounce you back to wherever you tried to exit from
  • Misc: Updated some of the Manor navigation backend code to properly record where you’re located to make future redirections easier
  • Bug: The chain link fence when meeting Molly wasn’t stretching the whole way. Pretty significant security flaw, Molly!
  • Bug: The boar was riddled with parasites and Typo Hero DIES! Can I do that? Am I allowed? It’s my changelog after all! Let me check the rules…


  • WARDROBE: The wardrobe system is finally in place! You can now change the outfits and hairstyles of the girls with paperdoll models (eventually everyone)! Just head to your bedroom in Act Three. And don’t ask how a wardrobe can change your hair. It’s magic, alright? Shush
  • Hana: You can now be naughty with Hana in the kitchen (talk to her when she’s in the kitchen)!
  • Train Station: You can now visit the TrainStation on the Town Map (no content yet)!
  • Roadblock: You can now visit the Roadblock on the Town Map (click on the “Outskirts” button – no content yet)!
  • Church: You can now visit the Church on the Town Map (no content yet)!
  • Decorate: Moved the “Decorate your Room” from a dialogue option to an icon in the bottom-left of the screen
  • Misc: Slightly adjusted the Manor’s nav UI to better balance with the new icons
  • Bug: Hana and Jessica were both hanging around at night if you passed time on the map. Now they get their proper beauty sleep
  • Bug: Chastity’s Hint was mistakenly telling players they couldn’t progress her love meter in Act Two, when in fact you could
  • Bug: The “Exit” button in the Manor was working at night. Now MC is forced to stay home where it’s safe! For now, anyway…
  • Bug: Lily was appearing in the Park even if she’d left the Town (love level less than four)
  • Bug: The Dread Arc cheers the boar! Except, no, actually he chars it… damnit! After eating his fill of crispy pork, Typo Hero continues on…


  • Park: You can now visit the Park on the Town Map!
  • College: You can now visit the College on the Town Map (no content yet)!
  • Company: You can now visit the Company on the Town Map (no content yet)!
  • Lily: You can now find Lily at the Park on SATURDAY and SUNDAY MORNINGS!
  • Jessica: You can now find Jessica at the front door on SUNDAY AFTERNOON!
  • Misc: The weekly income was mistakenly activating as normal. Not any more – sorry! War has decimated your income. But maybe the buildings you own can serve some other purpose… once you claim them back!
  • Misc: Tweaked some of the paperdoll, calendar and dialogue code to make things a little smoother
  • Bug: The “Active Room” overlay wasn’t appearing in the Manor’s navigation bar. Now it is!
  • Bug: “Talk with Pixie” and “Sleep With Someone” options were mistakenly showing and causing a time loop to occur
  • Bug: The navigation bar in the East Hallway was vanishing after looking around, trapping players forever
  • Bug: Lucille was appearing in the bathroom even if she hadn’t moved into the Manor. So presumptuous!
  • Bug: The medium rage boar charges the Typo Hero! Typo Hero uses his credit card! But it’s declined! Is this the end for Typo Hero!?


  • Bug fix

“This time the bug was that if you picked “Talk to Pixie” or “Sleep With Someone” from the evening menu in Act Three it would create a wormhole that threw you back in time. Also, the nav bar disappeared from the East Hallway.​

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, and don’t have a manual save to rescue you, open your “LOAD” page in-game and click or tap on the little “A” to the left of the page numbers down at the bottom. Those are your autosaves and a new one is created every time you sleep.​

The bugs have been dealt with, and a new 0.17.1a version has been released”​


  • World: You can now leave the Manor! Only one location right now (the bar), but more added in every update!
  • Lily: Find out what happened to Lily!
  • Ard/Hana: New dialogue options in the kitchen!
  • Lucille: New dialogue! Find her in the EAST HALLWAY on MONDAY MORNING!
  • Lucille: Moved her random bath event to a GUARANTEED event on MONDAY AFTERNOON! I capitalise this in the vain hope that people will actually read it and stop reporting “can’t find Lucille” as a bug…
  • Paperdolls: New paperdolls for Ard, Hana and Lucille!
  • Bug: There was a graphical glitch when calling Emma sometimes that would erase people in the background! They will no longer flicker in and out of reality
  • Bug: Added an extra variable check so people who recycled Ami won’t be haunted by her ghost. Even though you deserve it
  • Bug: Fixed a very obscure bug with the Empty Vase decoration easter egg that was throwing people back in time. Guys! I think we invented time travel!
  • Bug: If a girl was pregnant before you entered the Act Two Finale they would give birth in Act Three, which is a long pregnancy for an Artifact-infused baby!
  • Bug: In the first “Queen Qarinah” event, Qarinah would occasionally forget she was in her Queen Aspect
  • Bug: Typo Hero is ushered to a seat by the waiter, who offers him a menu. After much deliberation, Typo Hero chooses the boar, medium rare. Unfortunately, when served, this proves to be a boar in the throes of medium rage. Uh-oh!


  • System: New PAPERDOLL system! This should allow you to dress up the girls however you want. Currently only working on Jessica while I work out the kinks!
  • Jessica: New mini event (go to the front door and “Check the Door”)!
  • Misc: Tidied up a couple minor points to make it more clear on what you have to do
  • Bug: Gwen would still text you as her old self if she was in Yandere mode. Now the poor girl gets a break… ooh, sorry, bad choice of words…
  • Bug: Chloe and Jessica were sinking into the ground in one scene. The concrete quicksand has been filled in and they’re safe now
  • Bug: After seeing Emma’s event in the kitchen at night, the nav bar was still hiding. It has now been coaxed back to its rightful place
  • Bug: The nav bar was showing the wrong location as active after Emma’s evening kitchen event. The shaking moved the icons around!
  • Bug: Suddenly, there on the horizon! An oasis! And where there’s oases there’s water… or, if you’re the Typo Hero, a waiter

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