BONUS H-Game 283

Version: 0.15.6 + APK for Android

You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​


Receptionist: New naughty event with Sally’s receptionist! Awaken or Shatter her! Change what you call her and she calls you!
Explore: New evening Explore (Outskirts) event! Explore the Outskirts at night, and check out the weird glow!
Annie: Added the ability to unlock her “lactating” Quirk in the milking shed event (Annie must be Love level 4)!
Pregnancy: Girls can no longer give birth until you’ve met Artifact (thanks for the code, CursedFlame91)!
Pregnancy: Clarified the “something is preventing the pregnancy” lines (thanks to CursedFlame91)!
Misc: Reworked Claire’s dialogue during the club date slightly, as she knew things she shouldn’t have!
Bug: One of Jessica’s stats wasn’t updating properly. Now it is!
Bug: Typo Hero has vanquished Grandma Grammar and her fanatical daughters of Sin’tax! Now he rides for the Rambling Tower!

Marina: You can now purchase the Marina (talk to Madison)!
Marina: You can now upgrade the Marina (Underwater tunnel)!
Marina & Lake: You can travel between the two now, with the Marina upgrade and Endless Air Power!
Company: You can now purchase the Company (talk to Sally)!
Artifact: Added a few more dialogue lines to Artifact in case you visit her before unlocking the Nexus
Misc: Added a “Hmm… maybe not” option to West Hallway sleep invites to match the East Hallway
Bug: MC was calling Laura by the wrong name. Which is just… I mean… ouch
Bug: Hana’s music was glitching out during the sleepover. Maybe it was trying to change to Ard’s music!?
Bug: RenΓ©e’s sleepover option wouldn’t appear if Julie was in the house. Jealous girl
Bug: First Artifact meeting could throw you into the Nexus before you unlocked it. Fixed!
Bug: You can no longer humiliate Luna while she’s heavily pregnant. You monsters
Bug: Fixed a slight graphical error in one of Lily’s scenes
Bug: Hidden Voices wasn’t working correctly in a lot of scenes, and now it is!
Bug: Qarinah’s naughty stats weren’t updating for certain Aspects. Now they are!
Bug: One of Qarinah’s scenes would flash the wrong image. Subliminal programming!?
Bug: Annie’s makeout stat wasn’t increasing when you kissed her. Now she notes it down properly!
Bug: The prophesied Typo Hero has arisen to vanquish the Dread King Arc. Will my minions be able to defeat him!?

Luna: You can now spend time with Luna and Lil’ Luna (accessible from Luna’s demesne!)!
Annie: You can now kiss Annie (at Love level 4)!
Laura: You can now invite Laura to sleep with you at night!
Renee: You can now invite Renee to sleep with you at night!
Julie: You can now invite Julie to sleep with you at night!
Lucille: You can now invite Lucille to sleep with you at night!
Molly: You can now invite Molly to sleep with you at night!
Ami: You can now invite Ami to sleep with you at night!
Hana: You can now invite Hana to sleep with you at night!
Quirks: Hid all the unavailable Quirks to avoid confusion (plus, some are outdated with the newer systems)
System: CK now has text scroll sound effects (by request). It’s disabled by default, but can be enabled in Preferences!
Bug: You could be naughty with the Pool Twins during “Teach a Class” too early. Fixed! Good things come to those who wait
Bug: Luna wouldn’t call you by your custom-defined title in one scene. She has been punished for her hubris
Bug: Only one typo this week! Its family slaughtered by the Readers of Proof it stormed the Coded Gates and was crushed!

Pixie: You can now invite Pixie to sleep with you at night (provided you can make her big)!
College: The girls will now wear the assigned uniform during “Teach a Class”!
College: Using Aura whilst teaching a human class now allows for some naughty fun!
College: You can now set a custom title for the college to address you as!
Bug: The typos, they whisper to me. They say “Were g0ng 2 cill u”… I don’t know what it means…

Pool Twins: The Pool Twins will now obey uniform rules whilst at the college!
Courtyard Girls: The Courtyard Girls will now also obey uniform rules during Private Lessons!
Sally: Added a repeatable “Let’s be Naughty” option for Sally (once you’ve unlocked the “Company” map icon)!
Bug: Fixed an issue where using Aura in the college would teleport you to the basketball girls. They really love your slam dunks
Bug: Fixed issue with certain images not appearing as they should (part of the 0.15.1b update patch)
Bug: No… typos…? Well now I’m just paranoid


  • College: You can now select which uniform you’d like the college girls to wear from your office
  • College: Nude “Uniform” available if you’ve maxed out your college Authority!
  • Veronica: Will now obey the uniform regulations too! She is still a student, after all
  • Madison: Will now ALSO obey the uniform regulations! Lead by example, right?
  • Sword Girl: Added a few new lines if you spot her during uniform check after dealing with all the PTA Ladies
  • GUI: Updated the “Stats Lock” UI to make it (hopefully) more obvious that the Artifact Crystal is restricting your potential
  • Misc: Changed “Jack” to “Jackie?” in the naughty encounter with her, as you don’t yet know about “Jack”
  • Bug: Sally wasn’t addressing you correctly during replays. Now she will!
  • Bug: The typos are everywhere… it won’t be long now. I reach for my gun…

College: Your Authority level can now reach the maximum! (new authority options will be in the next update)
PTA Ladies: New event with “First Mother” (the power-hungry one)! Just talk to Madison in the college’s office to kick it off!
Location: New location: COMPANY! (complete the new “First Mother” event to unlock it)!
Misc: Changed the default “name” font to something more readable, due to issues with non-standard characters
Misc: Tweaked some of the “names” now that I can use non-standard characters
Misc: You can now tell Madison and Veronica to go home when their love level is 4 even if you don’t own the college
Bug: Queen Qarinah’s naughty stats weren’t getting updated correctly. She assumed some peasant would see to that. So I did
Bug: Fixed a typo in “Johnny”‘s name. Shoulda known that cock would screw me!

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