H-Game 575: Yoasobi v1.2

Version: 1.2

Hentai Gacha Game


Hey everyone, we managed to this update quite quickly and we’re very thankful for the support, tips, and love the game got!
Here are some big Quality of Life changes and a lot of new animations with the new training!

– Smol Extra
New savefiles now start with 15 gems and 1000$.

– Training Mode
Training mode and Sex mode are now separate, you can train your Maid on favorite sexual positions!
This mode is different from sex because it allows basic customization and sexual options!
That will only work if you want your Maid to be a Sexual Servant! (Done so in the Journal!)
Each character has 2 favorite positions, a service one and a sexual one.
A total of 180 new animations(60 per character), with POV, creampies, and a lot of love between you and your maids <3!
This mode also offers clothes that can be unlocked with Money!

– Better rewards for dupes
3 Stars now give 1 of all books + 4 gems and 500$.
4 Stars now give 2 of all books + 7 gems and 1250$.
5 Stars now give 3 of all books + 15 gems and 2500$.
With this, we hope to remove the tedious forced grind on the material banner, and have that focus on the grail for the last Special Position <3
Book of Lust has been added to the pool of possible drops in the Oriental Banner.
– Improve the rates.
5 Stars will now have a 9% rate!
(3% -> 9%)
4 Stars will now have a 21% rate!
(13% -> 21%)
3 Stars will now have a 70% rate!
(84%-> 70%)

– Improve the 10 Summons.
The animation was cut short into showing the 10 cards instantly, talk about a time saver!

– Improve the Skill Level Up Menu
We heard you, we heard you. And we acted on it!
Now you have to click the skills to lock them down just like we had it on mobile!
With an extra bit of flair to the selected icon!

– Trade / Sell materials.
There’s now an option to trade your unused/unwanted materials!
[New Currency – Book Tokens!]
This was added because after playing the game for a while you’d be pilling up on the useless books!
3 Star Materials are worth and cost 1 Book Token.
4 Star Materials are worth and cost 2 Book Tokens.

– Bugfixes
We’ve got a ton of bugs that got caught by you guys and they are fixed on this version!
We couldn’t have done it without your help so thank you very much <3
Fixed a Bug on the Journal where it would cause a lock in a servant’s role.
Fixed a Desktop Bug Only right-clicking into the menus and clicking return (bottom left), wouldn’t return you to the correct screen.
The Version Indicator was missing! It now shows up correctly <3

We now believe the game is at a fully complete state where we can be confident in our work, and it should help us reach our intended goals with future characters coming into the gacha with more support.

Thank you so much for the messages!
We hear your complaints loud and clear, we know that the game is supposed to be a Fap Game, the open, clean the rod and close the game!
And the clientele was just taking toooo much tiiiimeeeee, so you can now spam the hell out of it!
And forgive me android users, you do not have a right click, therefore you cannot save! There’s a new button just for mobile <3


– Dispatching to Clientele is skippable.
– On the Summon Screen, your inventory now shows up.
– Save Button added to the Main Screen on Android.
– Fixed a bug where certain items from the Gacha would not be allocated.

1.0 – Release

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