BONUS H-Game 218

Version: 1.1.0

A tactical RPG with exciting battles and hot girls. Upgrade your army with many cool unlockables, engage in striking love stories and WIN THIS WAR!


Game Features:

  • 5 beautiful girls with unique personalities and battle roles
  • High-quality Live2D animations for all the girl’s that will make your heart go doki-doki
  • Professionally done full Japanese voice-over for all the girls
  • More than 20 intense battles with high replayability for you to explore
  • An exciting story in a well-defined world for you to uncover!
  • Free DLC!


Experience a new gameplay mechanic
Collect 42 items and equip them for your units (available in all chapters)
Hold the position and fight for your survival
You can now deploy eight units in total. Lydia’s assassins and Cecilia’s Mages have joined the fight
Other Features
Hero by Chance now has 16 more achievements
There are also minor improvements, balances, & bug fixes
New SURPRISES/ SECRETS are waiting for you to discover!!!


  • Added Improvements:
  • Abilities now have clearer descriptions
  • A tutorial for the ambush games was added
  • In the replay story menu, girls’ icons were added for visual clarity
  • You can now switch between difficulty modes in settings (not during battles)
  • In story conversations, you can now click anywhere or press β€œF” to move forward.
  • Some menu now has sound settings
  • You can skip reading the story by using β€œEsc” instead of β€œSpace”
  • Gameplay balances:
  • When activating an ability in battle, it will happen in 0.5 seconds after the button is clicked
  • When Damage Counter is activated, on top of the player’s gate, there is now an effect that indicates its time duration
  • Enemies in hard mode are now more difficult
  • The player’s barbarian unit cooldown time was decreased and health was slightly increased
  • The player’s spear unit’s damage was slightly decreased
  • Total protection ability’s time duration was slightly decreased
  • Losing will no longer offer more gold
  • Some other minor balancing
  • Fixes:
  • Some units in an ambush game had no animation
  • When reaching the maximum level, the world map will display β€œMax Level” instead of numbers
  • Keymapping now has proper key names
  • Visual bugs in some menus
  • Sound issues in some menus
  • Random Capital letters
  • Wrong placements of character names in the story
  • Some grammatical errors
  • Some other minor bug fixes

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